Iconify launches today.

Portfolios will never be the same.

Iconify is the only portfolio that turns creatives into icons (literally). Your portfolio will be a website and a downloadable app that's easy to share socially.
As Creative Professionals, we are obsessed with our body of work but have never been in love with the portfolios that display it. After completely deconstructing the portfolio experience we have arrived at six key elements that today's portfolios must contain. Our portfolios should be responsive, able to handle any screen resolution or device that it encounters, and that includes being downloadable as an app on mobile devices. It should also be minimal, focusing the viewer's attention exclusively on the work being presented. Since portfolios are also marketing tools they should make it easy to connect with future clients by providing obvious contact information, the ability to share the portfolio easily, and the analytics to understand the traffic it receives. Iconify is the modern portfolio. Reimagined.

The buzz about Iconify
  • We demoed our product on June 9th at the Front-End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, FL (link)
  • In the past two months we’ve had over 7,500 signups to be a part of our beta.
  • We were the featured story on Flipboard for June 24th.
  • Here are some quotes from the blogs Iconify has been featured on:
    • Photography Blog called our product “smart” and said we have a “minimalist yet highly functional design” (link)
    • Makeuseof said that Iconify was “uncluttered” and “what you’re looking for”. (link)
    • New Startups said that “Iconify puts a modern spin on portfolio management and display by re-imagining how its used, viewed and shared.” (link)
“The internet is ugly and the portfolios of creatives are, sadly and ironically, the greatest offenders. Iconify is different.” - Bronson Taylor, Iconify Co-founder
""Leading the way... in the social media age."" Frederick Van Johnson, Host - This Week in Photo
""The next wave of showing your portfolio to anyone and everyone."" Stephan Dube, Senior UI Designer - Sony Online
""A superb portfolio platform."" Graham Smith, Founder - Imjustcreative.com
""Great app for your photo projects with a nice clean UI."" Homer Gaines, Lead Multimedia App Developer - Chico's
About Iconify

Iconify is the only portfolio that turns creative professionals into icons (literally). Your portfolio will be a website and a downloadable app that's easy to share with others.